Long since the 18th century, coffee was already a popular drink. It was at that time when the first cafeterias were opened in Italy. It was the year 1720 when the first Cafeteria was inaugurated in Venice and by 1784 there were more than 200 coffeehouses in the city where the extraction of the drink was perfected and good quality coffee was served. Caffe 1784 Passione Italiana recognizes this age of "Enlightenment" and pays tribute to all those who have been able to see in coffee an energizing element that consolidates into an everyday lifestyle drink.

 Caffe 1784 Passione Italiana completes this tribute with a select range of coffees which are the result of careful quality control and beans selection. The careful roasting process allows the organoleptic characteristics to stand out in the authentic character of the coffee while respecting long Italian traditions. That's why our brand is also identified with "Passione Italiana".
"Sapere Aude" - have the courage to use your own intelligence. (I. Kant, 1784)


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